Role: Factotum

In the forsaken depths of Outworld a child was born. Deemed a freak of nature, she was birthed with only two arms. Normally this was looked upon as a death sentence. Some say the kindly Hyenrar clan allowed her to survive, others that she fought since birth, only one thing is certain, the day she left, she never looked back.

Wandering the desolate landscape, she did what she could to survive. Traversing the realms through space and time, she made home with the Amazonians who still speak of the beast that leapt from a gate to oblivion. They honed her fighting skills and she honoured their peacefull balance in life. Only once she exchanged her name, still they honoured her as she them.

With her fists clenched but her mind open she has wandered the world. To you she has no-name, but with time and respect, if you play your cards right you might just get to call her Hyena.