Words from the collective horses' mouths.

With our powers combined we are team KINDAWESOME!

...Not actually 'awesome' or anything, we're totally not full of ourselves or anything pfft, yah right!
PIXEL KA-Signal D8

KA Roundtable: Defendo

Join Chester, FiRE MUNki and Cheewilly as they discuss nasty things that have been said about Nintendo; some well deserved, some that speak like a doomsday prophecy and all others meshed in between. We shall attempt to defend their honour but is Nintendo really down for the count? Read more [...]
What Are We Doooooing

What we’re doin’ this month

Have you been wondering what have we been up to? What games do we play? What keeps us going? What are the deep and meaningful life questions? With a hint of a Pizza... COWABUNGA! Its time for some of the KA team to sound-off and say what hell we have been doing this month. Read more [...]