Role: Smithsmith

‘Well Nnetti, looks like you’re all washed up!’

Nnetti simply glared back from the bath, gently steaming.

‘I said...’

‘Oh I heard you Gangster King’, said Nnetti, as he slowly rose up. His buns glistned in the light of the bathroom. ‘I just never thought you’d be so foolish.’ Carefully he reached down to turn around Dr. Duckles, his rubber duck, and then from the bath water he pulled out an M134 minigun.

The Gangster King put up his hands and began hurridly backing out of the room. “Well, I can see I came at a bad time. I’ll just leave you to it and..’ but before he could finish the sentence he stepped on an errant bar of soap and fell, striking his head against the bidet. His pinstriped form lay prostrate upon the bathroom tiles, tommygun clattering from his hand.

Nnetti lowered himself back down into the bath and turned Dr. Duckles back around, a slight smile on his face. ‘Looks like you slipped up Gangster King,’ he chuckled.

I’m Nnetti by the way. I will be writing reviews and making appearances in podcasts. Also more importantly I will be taking corporate website baths, speaking of which I’m going to go have my annual bath excuse me…
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