Role: Artsmith ⁄ Benevolent Monkey Overlord

Erupting forth from a gigantic crystal during time of primal chaos. Young monkey spent his youth traveling on the hunt of adventure, worthy foes and cheeky business. Turning 21, he burst alight with dark flames that hungered for power on his mountainous island home.

Fleeting figures fracturing time taught him control from the murky abyss with shiny inhibitors. Filled to the brim with chaotic energy he became ruling figure in his own right.

Ruling by the mantra “way past cool”, FiRE MUNki was recruited/captured to help save the world through mind-blowing comics and bone chilling, awesome-culture articles & podcasts.

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Gentleman & a Monkey Audio Log – The First of Many…

Hi Everyone! Cheewilly and I will be starting a new series called "Gentleman and a Monkey," that will be both a podcast and a 'Let's Play' styled Youtube series. We will try to update as frequently as possible so don't touch that figurative dial! So come and listen to the recording of a mad man, and a slightly lesser mad man and their musings this week on Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, the state of video game reviews and the general goings on in the video game world. Many thanks Read more [...]
Sonic Lost World

Under the Microscope: Sonic Lost World Trailer

Hi I'm FiRE MUNki and I'm a Sonic Fan. Many a day have I waited for fruit to ferment in trees before getting drunk and fucking around in the jungle. I've also been following the Sonic series (games, TV shows, comics, the expanded Sonic fandom, you name it!) since I was a wee-baby-monkey. I think its safe to assume that many of you can understand that both of these habits can be viewed as equally destructive considering the past decade of Sonic games. These days I'm plenty excited as Sonic Read more [...]
Kickstart My Hearts - Crowd Funding Report

Kickstart My Hearts: Crowdfunding, it’s a thing.

Alright it’s that time again, where people be shouting at random crowds for money. It’s a wonder this never took off as well as in real life. These are the crème de la crème we have picked for your viewing convenience. Keep in mind some rewards are only offered in some countries but not others, all figures are quoted as being accurate as of the time of writing and currency may or may not be in $US. Read more [...]