I’ve been playin’ a lot of Pokémon lately, A LOT of Pokémon. And it occurred to me during my trip down memory lane that there is a lot of kickass music in these old games that I didn’t remember mainly ’cause of “the bike song,” that sweet, sweet, umami bike song.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not mad. In fact, I love the hell out of that bike song and still get a bit annoyed when they change it in some of the later games. However, I do appreciate it how in more recent games they use the “bike song” only around a single town or path and as soon as you move to the next area BAM! It goes to the regular background music so you don’t miss out on the experience. It’s the little things.

Oh I’ve finished doing introductions for members of the site for a while. I’ll come back to those to round everything off and make it more complete eventually. Now entering phase two: random gag comic production. Yer.


PS: Thanks to Hyena for the editing/helping with the layouts and designs of this comic.