A very blue Xmas

Happy Holidays! It’s about time I updated the comic’s part of the site so our fan will be happy ūüėõ

Don’t worry loyal reader, there’s another one coming very soon. We also be overhauling a bunch of different aspects of the site in the next few weeks for a bit more polish. Either way, hope you it’s to your liking. Gewd.

The first panel was put together from a picture I drew when I was five years old. How time has flown, though looking a couple comic pages back, it hasn’t gone¬†too¬†quickly.

Made the comic mostly listening/watching¬†this!¬†Quite an all-star crew that Starbomb. And Princess Peach (Rachel Bloom) can sure belt out a tune huh,¬†even if she isn’t (is) a¬†historically accurate Princess.

Best to party with your pants on if it’s holidays with your family (family is magic!), but if not go nuts in every sense of the word.