Kickstart My Hearts: Crowdfunding, it’s a thing.


Alright it’s that time again, where people be shouting at random crowds for money. It’s a wonder this activity never took off in real life, with live crowds.

These are the crème de la crème we have picked for your viewing convenience.

Keep in mind some rewards are only offered in some countries but not others, all figures are quoted as being accurate as of the time of writing and currency may or may not be in $US.


Super Retro Squad

From the minds of Exploding Rabbit Studios comes a retro 2D platformer paying major homage to the classic games of the NES and SNES. This studio has been previously responsible for the well received and freely available Super Mario Bros. Crossover. They have been successfully funded on KickStarter but still take donations (with rewards included) on their website.

“The game will feature 45+ levels that will be spanned across 9 worlds. Each world will be based on one of the characters, so there will be plenty of variety found in the environments and enemies. There will also be an equipment and upgrade system that will allow you to customize your character’s abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. We also plan on tying everything together with a cool story that will be explained through dialog and cut scenes.”

While there have been some delays (not uncommon with crowdfunded projects) the team have been very communicative about the problems and what they intend to do to resolve them. This has been well received by many of the backers just breaking that fuzzy, heart-warming threshold.


Redwall – The Warrior Reborn

The medieval style series Redwall revolves around anthropomorphic animals who live in and around Redwall Abbey, which is the one constant over the series of over twenty books. This is a project aimed at building towards a full on adventure game based on those much loved books. I must stress that the kickstarter is not funding the adventure game directly, instead this is an intermediate project in order to build assets from the game and create a “Minecraft Adventure Map.”

This is to test the locations and designs of the areas with the fans directly. Stretch goals include a Minecraft Redwall Adventure Game and more!

The $11, 000 goal has already been reached with 14 days to go, so jump on it, Redwallians Unite!


And now we go onto the games that haven’t reached their goal yet.
But come on, they look pretty cool right?


The Realm Game

A point & click adventure game set in the distant future where the world is “reclaimed by nature.” Now all kinds of trees seem to be up in people’s business.

“The Realm follows the story of Sarina, a headstrong young girl who leaves the safety of her village to embark on a desperate quest to discover a cure for her sick mother. On her journey she befriends a legendary giant stone golem named Toru, a gentle but powerful creature, and the unlikely couple begin a treacherous adventure together.”

Did I mention this game is pretty? And Toru definitely has a Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom kind of vibe. So if you love that art style, some quality point & click, moving stories or 40 tonne hulking rock babies, you may want to check this one out.

Their goal is at £195,000 and £61,704 has already been pledged with 10 days to go. This one may see it through with the Kickstarter rush towards the end of the campaign; they seem to have quite a bit of support and have been been updating consistently. We hope you see it through to the other side, it be a damn shame if nobody got that cure for Sarina’s mum.


Fantasyche: Mike – A Two-tier game dealing with Escapism

Fantasyche - Mike

Check out the Trailer on Kickstarter!

A unique story following Mike as he both deals with the real world and his depression. Told in the style of an old-school RPG, this game aims to deal with tough themes of depression and the varied nature of escapism.

“The game itself will be based within two main locales: Mike’s hometown in the ‘real’ world, and the fantasy realm located within Mike’s stress-addled brain, to which Mike escapes on a regular basis, whenever life gets to be a bit too much to deal with.”

The game will also use trading card mini game Trioarch that is freely available here. Or feel free to check further details in this video.

Already £447 has been pledged out of the goal of £500 and there is still 53 days left to go. I think it’s fair to say that this one is going to happen. This game is mostly done though there will be stretch goals that include some visual overhauls for the character portraits in cut scenes, additional content and platform porting. There’s plenty of reason to check this one out if you’re an RPG buff, and you might even learn something… DUN DUN DAAAAAA!



Tug ‘em if you got ‘em. All juvenile jokes aside (this sentence only) it seems like this game has some really innovative concepts and visuals. The idea of a sandbox that goes on forever and that has a story is not totally unheard of (check the general Mindcraft mythos), however it’s generally not the focus of that style of game. The way your character is set to grow and discover the never-ending horizon is an exciting idea.

TUG is a multiplayer open-world sandbox-RPG using new technology and social sciences to directly involve players in the game’s design.”

Impressively this is game has already raised $92, 418 which is almost halfway to their $215, 000 goal with 19 days to go. We hope you keep on tuggin’, Tug. You crazy Tugger you.


Notable Non-Video Game Mentions:


The Good, The Bad and The Monkey

Well FiRE MUNki does love him some comics and this is just the right combo for him. Like cowboys? And surly primates?! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!?!

“The Good, The Bad and The Monkey is a classic spaghetti western with a twist. Imagine the kind of movie Sergio Leone would have made if he could only cast primates…

…then he turned it into a comic!”

With a goal of £10,000 and currently sitting at £7, 575 with 17 days to go, this jiving juxtaposition may still happen yet. For FiRE MUNki’s sake please get on this. Now if only someone would get on a monkey pirates & ninjas project… Oh well.  


Glowing Plants: Natural Lighting with no Electricity

Fund plants, save electricity. Word.



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