Under the Microscope: Sonic Lost World Trailer

SonicLostWorld WiiU

Hi I’m FiRE MUNki and I’m a Sonic Fan.

Many a day have I waited for fruit to ferment in trees before getting drunk and fucking around in the jungle. I’ve also been following the Sonic series (games, TV shows, comics, the expanded Sonic fandom, you name it!) since I was a wee-baby-monkey. I think its safe to assume that many of you can understand that both of these habits can be viewed as equally destructive considering the past decade of Sonic games.

These days I’m plenty excited as Sonic games are on the up and up with Sonic Colours and Sonic Generations being recent prime examples (not going to count Sonic Free Riders for obvious reasons) with Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Ep. 1 & 2 still showing some progress despite the Sonic purists’ disdain for it. But that’s a rant for another day…

After seeing the new trailer for Sonic Lost World I am way-past-super-excited. I want to share with you my own crazy insights and speculations that only a monkey who heavily digs the blue dude with the ‘tude would know. Though I warn my fellow insane Sonic lovers that I may not be telling you anything you don’t already know, still there’s a chance you might learn something.

For those of you who haven’t seen the trailer, bon appétit!


Alright seen it? Good. Now we can get down to business… Or can we? You probably noticed some Super Mario Galaxy influences what with all the floating platforms and 3D on 3D action. Well that’s where your wrong, you also need to check this trailer:



That’s right Sonic did it first, or at least he would have if the game Sonic X-Treme was ever released, it was cancelled in 1996 (and we aren’t counting Rouge’s final stage ‘Mad Space,’ in Sonic Adventure 2 as suitable substitute).

So it’s not entirely a rip-off but Sonic is still clearly taking inspiration from the red plumber’s outings. However, I really do not see any harm in this especially seeing as Mario and Sonic are so chummy these days. It’s always a sad day for gaming when a game fails to build on the innovations of its own series and other relevant franchises and sticks to re-inventing the wheel/ring. SO PUNNY!


More fun than you can throw a hedgehog at.

More fun than you can throw a hedgehog at


So what about the Sonic Lost Worlds trailer? I hear you ask.
Well… The games seems set to continue the 3D to 2D level romp that was first used in Sonic Unleashed and further popularised by Sonic Colours and Generations with a few interesting changes.

New moves. This is a welcome expansion for modern Sonic in my books, from the video it looks like Sonic has a more rapid homing attack, his boost is done in a spin-dash like form, he can wall-run and do some ‘Parkour’ like moves.


You spin me right round baby right round, Like a record baby...

You spin me right round baby right round, Like a record baby…

Gotta wonder how he doesn't just cut through the little animals inside

Gotta wonder how he doesn’t just cut through the little animals inside


While Sonic has technically run on walls before, this has usually been an event entirely dictated by the structure of the level (‘Speed Highway’ Sonic Adventure and Sonic Generations); this game seems to give you the ability to use this move as you see fit.


Walls, Runnin' and Rings! What's Not to like?!

Walls, Runnin’ and Rings! What’s Not to like?!


It’s interesting to note that Sonic appears to have a trail of blue afterimages when doing his wall-runs and special parkour moves. These seem to be a nice visual touch and hopefully will work well with the new gameplay. The exciting thing about these features is that these moves may provide a much needed way to keep the game moving if Sonic gets hurt or if the level changes to have a more platforming focus. There has been talk that this will be combined with a speed system that will work as if you were changing the gears on Sonic for different speeds depending on the area you are in. As for the notion of parkour itself in a Sonic game, hell, Sonic has been doing these speeds runs for a while. If anything I think Sonic could be the fun, ultimate fantasy for parkour runners. Complete with robot smashing.


This just might be that crazy Parkour all the kids be doing these days

This just might be that crazy parkour all the kids be talking about

He just kicked a poor defenseless robo-fish for those of you watching at home.

He just kicked a poor defenseless robo-fish, for those of you watching at home.


Some other stylistic things I am loving about this game is the return of the Figure Eight running blurr (a.k.a Super Peel Out or the Strike Dash). This first appeared in Sonic CD and has more recently been ins Super Smash Bros. Brawl on the Wii. Though as far as I can see, it doesn’t involve an awkward middle animation frame where it looks like Sonic’s legs disappear up his backside because they couldn’t figure out how a figure eight would look like on 3D Sonic model.


The Figure Eight Returns

The Figure Eight Returns. Sonic Boom Baby!


Then you got the level design. This game seems to contain areas reminiscent to Sonic Colours and Generations with 3D and 2D areas still intact. The twist to this formula is the Super Mario Galaxy-esque level design with gravity centered curved platforms.


What a 'Windy Valley' aha!

What a ‘Windy Valley’ aha!


It seems that Sonic will be playing with teh gravity a bit in this game. This was shown by the scene below with waterfalls inverting, the logs now going upwards and the camera following Sonic around a half loop, instead of staying still. He’s now all ready to do the waterfall log climb upside-down. Or is that right-side up? Surprisingly, this seems less disorienting than the normal loop de loops that the Blue Blurr powers through. So yay for the weak stomached! No more puke stains on your rug when this baby comes out.


Get ready to raise the roof

Get ready to raise the roof


And at last we have those crazy demon-looking-whatcha-call-its, The Deadly Six. Again I’m excited, hell the prospect of Sonic fighting someone other than Robotnik is always novel. Still, I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up where you think he’s no where to be found then BAM! Eggman to the face!


Sonic vs. the Crazy 88... Oh wait

Sonic vs. the Crazy 88… Oh wait


Things are looking up for little boy blue. Now if only they can go ahead and confirm him in the next Smash Bros; he’d HAVE to be a shoe-in for it, seeing how this and the next 2 games are a Wii U/3DS Exclusive and all. I’m sure more details are coming soon as a concrete release date has not been mentioned, the structure of multiplayer or the layout of the other levels are yet to be seen. Keep on running Sonic, it looks like you got a bright future ahead of you and you’ll always have a certain monkey’s thanks when you save the day.


Way past cool!

Way past cool!


Oh and for those who may not have realised, I made a joke, I don’t get drunk off of rotting fruit. I do plenty fine making a fool of myself regularly while I’m sober, and loving it.

Yours in Shirtless Funky Monkey Love!