Doctor Who, let’s talk.

Doctor Who
**Possible Spoilers**

Hey gang, yes I know I’m in Japan and yes I know this has absolutely nothing to do with Japan but I’m going to do it anyway!  So if you’re a fan of Doctor Who but haven’t been following the news lately MATT SMITH IS LEAVING DOCTOR WHO!

I know, I know, I cried too. It seems only yesterday that we were all falling to our knees screaming “WHY!!!” as David Tennant regenerated and we felt that we could never learn to love another. Then, out of nowhere a new temptress of time, came on to our TV screens. Crazy, extravagant, eating fish fingers and custard we learned one of life’s most important lessons. We can learn to love again.

Matt Smith, for me, was one of the best things to happen to Doctor Who. His quirky take on the Doctor was refreshing because he was so different from 10, he never tried to copy or imitate him and he made the show his own. Proving that Doctor Who is one of the most enduring and evolving shows in Television history, and is going to continue to be!

Dammit, look at that man act!

Dammit, look at that man act!

A lot in the media lately has been revolving around the idea that the next doctor should be a woman. I personally have no qualms with this and think it would be a great change for the show and would really open up some new doors and adventures for the show. However, what I am really hanging out for and wanting to happen, is for the introduction of a Black or Asian Doctor. There was a recent article stating that Doctor who was one of the most racist shows on television as its main character had never been anyone but a white male. Personally I think this article was one of the most stupid things I have ever read as this show has evolved so much over the years and has had companions of different races be main key loveable characters.

The ultimate for me would be the introduction of a Black or Asian woman to take up this amazing role. Or the guy who played Ron Weasley, but that’s for another blog! Ultimately whoever the BBC chooses I believe will be the right choice. When Matt Smith first signed up I remember the new fan boys and girls screaming for David Tennant to come back and now, look at them all, everyone loves Matt Smith. The BBC knows what they’re doing.  And for any of you, who think that Doctor Who ended when David Tennant left and think the third Doctor is Matt Smith, get out. And don’t read my blogs anymore. Whoever the BBC chooses I believe will be the right man or woman for the job. Ultimately it comes down to talent, not gender or race. It’s whoever has the passion and talent to continue this 50 year legacy. Or Rupert Grint.

Silly Police Box, you don't belong in factories...wait a minute!

Silly Police Box, you don’t belong in factories…wait a minute!

This year on November 23rd we will all sit and wait for the 50th anniversary of the show, I’ve already started counting down, and I know you have too. Don’t lie to me. Stop it. Stop it now. I’ll take away your candy. Good. Now that we are all as all on the couch waiting let’s all cry knowing that we still have to wait until NOVEMBER!  But until then let’s all take comfort in knowing that we are a community who can get through this long gap by making up some RIDICULOUSLY LONG HOT FAN FICTION!

Keep it hot and hard, PEACE!