Steven Moffat Haters, My Body is Ready.

Doctor Who
**Possible Spoilers**
Hey gang, before I start out on this article, I want to stress, as I always do, that this is my personal opinion. This, more than other topics, I think may cause me to receive a lot of hate mail. But to the haters out there all I have to say is, I don’t give a Moffat….oh yes, I went there.

So lately, well not lately, since season 5, there have been a number of people out there who hate, and I’m talking 3-year-old-being-forced-to-eat-vegetables hate, Steven Moffat. Now everybody is entitled to their opinion, so I respect that fish fingers and custard may not be for everybody but I think he is one of the best writers Doctor Who has ever had.

And let the hate mail commence.

I wouldn't want anybody else tucking me in at night and telling me sweet, sweet bedtime stories.

I wouldn’t want anybody else tucking me in at night and telling me sweet, sweet bedtime stories.

For those of you who are still with me (trust me you’re the people I want reading my stuff) thank you for not storming off to write a poorly written insult to my intelligence or my mother. Now onto the article; why I think Moffat is awesome!

Steven Moffat has helped to continue and refresh Doctor Who after the amazing efforts of Russell T. Davies and David Tennant. I want to make it clear that I really loved that era of Doctor Who and think that they did an amazing job. I cried to when Tennant left. The writing and acting was so strong and Davies knew exactly how to write for Ten. But so did Moffat. Some of my favourite episodes from the Tennant era were Silence in the Library, Blink and The Girl in the Fireplace. These all contained humour and some really intense moments, I almost shit my pants when I first saw Blink. These episodes also had so much emotion like when Ten begged River not to sacrifice herself or when he read the final letter written by Madam De Pompadour.

Seriously...Don't blink.

It looks like the Daleks are back, IN ORIGINAL FORM!

Now let me just add, the vast majority of viewers loved these episodes and barely said a bad thing about Moffat at the time. Is it just me, or did anyone else notice that a lot of the Moffat hate started as soon as Tennant regenerated.  It seems to me that this hate and general aggression, which really does not suit the Doctor Who community, came largely from the Tennant fan boys and girls who believe that Christopher Eccelston is the first Doctor. You can clearly spot them when they make complaints such as, “stop using the old Doctors” or “The show has become so childish”. I’m sorry; did you want us to forget the previous 8 actors who helped create this show that you love complaining about so much? They ARE Doctor Who! As for the kids show complaint, the show was originally created for kids. Where is the fun in being constantly serious in life? It is already serious enough, its important take 40 minutes to escape every now and then.  And if that’s too difficult, watch Spartacus: Blood in the Sand or Game of Thrones. To quote the Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) when he was told he was acting childish he stated “Well of course I am! There’s no point in being grown up if you can’t be childish sometimes.”

Don’t get me wrong, Moffat is by no means perfect. But he came into the show with a plan. Sure the plan gives us a few mind fucks every now and then but it’s a plan Dammit! You don’t go into a loved franchise blind, look at the people who made Aliens: Colonial Marines, it’s not going to work. Moffat has decided to pay homage to the 50 year old show by drawing from its amazing history. And trust me having watched the show since I was four, I jizz every time there’s a reference (it’s okay I was raised in a Catholic household). At the same time however he hasn’t made these references so specific that the new fans can’t get enjoyment out of the show. He’s catering for everyone and trying something fresh and bold. It’s not easy to cater for a 50 year old community.

At the same time though, there are a few things that I still want answers too. Why is the symbol for Omega appearing everywhere? Who said ‘Silence will fall’ in the Tardis before it blew up? Who blew up the Tardis? Who is the god that is constantly referred to? So many questions that I’m hoping will be answered in the 50th anniversary special and so much to be excited about!

My body could not be any more ready.

My body could not be any more ready.

As a personal request, if I may. If you see any blogs or posts that are just focused on hating Doctor Who or Matt Smith or Steven Moffat, resist the urge to counter these haters. Believe me I know the temptation is strong but if you start a comment war you’re just giving these people traffic, and they will never choose to see anything other than what they want to. We members of the Doctor Who community are not based on hate, but our shared love of our mad man with a box. We’ve been going for 50 years, and there’s nothing stopping us going another 50. Ending on bit of serious note there but I really do love and enjoy being part of the Doctor Who community, new fan or old, it genuinely is important to me.

Keep it hot and hard,