BANG! BANG! BANG! – Deadpool: The Video Game Review

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Can you say Chimichanga in seven different languages? No? DEADPOOL CAN!

Hey Guys, Zael here for the for the first of what will hopefully be many reviews on Video Games, TV Shows, Movies and Anime. The way I operate is by breaking down the game into three key areas, and the average score is the final score. And today we are looking at Deadpool: The Video Game.


Story – 6/10

If you know anything about Deadpool, then the story is pretty much what you would expect. If you don’t know Deadpool, this so call “Merc with a Mouth” is known in his comic books for being insane and breaking the fourth wall. When a game’s developer (in this case High Moon Studios) contacts it’s protagonist in the first five minutes of the game, you just know that this game is going to be insane and different. In a word, you know it is going to be Deadpool.

The story, beyond Deadpool’s ability to shatter what little of the fourth wall existed to begin with, is fairly shallow. Mister Sinister, a villain from the X-men and other comics, is using the DNA of both living and dead mutants to make clones of himself. From here Deadpool, his “side-kick” Cable, Wolverine and other familiar Marvel faces set out to put a stop to him.

Gameplay – 5/10  

Gameplay is probably this game’s greatest weakness. It is your average hack-and-slash brawler. It’s quite boring and repetitive and upgrades serve only to make the game easier and don’t actually make the gameplay any more enthralling. Boss battles for the most part involve little-to-no strategy, most being taken down by a simple shoot, dodge and repeat methodology.

In saying that, there are some interesting segments of the game that break up the repetitive nature of the brawler. To say what they are would be spoiling some of the greatest moments of the game but sufficed to say that you will know them when you see them. While damn awesome and usually hilarious, these moments are too infrequent for my liking.

Beyond that though, Deadpool’s commentary while brawling does liven things up a bit. Just when things started to annoy me or I was getting frustrated, Deadpool would crack a one-liner or insult me (the player) for not playing good enough. There were several moments when I had to pause game because I was just laughing too much. And while the generic sayings while brawling do get repetitive as well, I giggled every time I hit someone with a hammer and heard Deadpool scream “DEADPOOL SMASH!”


Design – 7/10

Design wise, this game is everything I expected it to be. Voice acting, particular on Nolan North’s portrayal of Deadpool, is quite well done and very enjoyable for the most part. Between Deadpool arguing with the voices in his head, to his interactions with other characters, you will not be disappointed with Deadpool. As a big fan of the comic books, I know I wasn’t. But it’s worth noting that if you are not a fan of crude, innuendo-filled humour or a game making fun of you for failing, this probably isn’t the game for you.

In terms of character design, enemies look generic and boring, most of which looking like Mister Sinister assets stretched over a different wireframe. This is forgivable to an extent though as the enemies are meant to be clones.

Environments are pretty dull and again repetitive. There isn’t a huge amount of variety here and most environments are riddled with odd invisible walls. And as seems to be a staple with the more ordinary hack-and-slash brawlers, glitches riddle this game. During my playthrough, on several occasions, enemies would get stuck in walls or I would knock one of the edge and their death would not register (causing a reset). Overall though these issues did not cause much frustration and at times added to the hilarity of the game itself.

I had to ask myself in the course of reviewing the design of this game. Does this feel how Deadpool should feel? Is it Deadpool? And the answer, at least for me is YES!



VERDICT – 6 Deep-Fried Buritos out of 10 


This isn’t a great game in terms of gameplay, but in my opinion the humour and loyalty to the Deadpool name is enough to at least give it a go. But, if you are easily offended or don’t like sex jokes, it’s probably one to avoid.

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