Kickstart My Hearts: Mighty Crowdfunding


Alright let get straight to the projects, as there’s a whole bunch of stuff to get through and time is running out as we speak!

Keep in mind some rewards are only offered in some countries but not others, all time and money figures are quoted as being accurate as of the time of writing and currency may or may not be in $US.

Mighty No. 9

[EDIT: This project has closed, being only open for a few more hours after this article’s publication]

np. 9

When Keiji Inafune (the illustrator and co-designer of Mega Man) wants to make a game in the Mega Man style, consisting of an all-star team of developers from the series, the internet pays attention. I mean really, really pays attention. There seems to be one hell of a hype train on this one which is amazing since not much has really been shown of the gameplay. The demos shown seem pretty decent, and the art style translates well into engine; but hey who gives a shit, it’s Mega Man… sorta.

With only 4 hours to go they have raised more than $3 566 732 vastly exceeding their original goal of $900 000. This one is definitely going to be the next big Kickstarter project for video games. Fans of the Mega Man fans series can rejoice, while lil’ blue won’t be coming along for this ride it will be one hell of a spiritual successor.

The Blue Bomber’s got competition; entré the Mighty No. 9!

Hyper Light Drifter

Damn this game looks good. I mean really, really good. This 2D Action RPG has an amazing art style. Your character is a Drifter, one of many, who collects relics of the past. This can be technology, knowledge and anything else would float the Drifter boat. This game oozes style and looks like it is doing exactly what it wants to do.

The stylised movement of the main character’s abilities deserves particular mention. I love the original look and movement of the Drifter’s different abilities, it shows a flair that most ‘AAA games’ fail or overlook completely. Many games just can show a character run, shoot or jump, but few games show them perform these actions way that’s gives that character a unique feel. Small touches in glowy, flashing after-images and quick zip of the Drifters dash or the way this Drifter quickly whips out their weapon from under their cape. These may be the little touches but so many games don’t get them right. However, while it is too early to say that this game will get everything else right, the trailer certainly looks promising.

11 days to go and already over $382 612 raised, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay past the initial goal of $27 000. Hyper Light Drifter, hope you keep on, movin’ on. Ya hear.

Sunless Sea


From the world of the award winning browser-based game Fallen London comes Sunless Sea . It is great to see a story driven, browser based game get so much support to the point of the universe expanding into other games and I do love a good emphasis on exploration. There’s sure to be a lot of suspense as you wonder what lurks in the deep, with all sorts of deep sea terror that reminds me of why I don’t go swimming anymore.

Will only 38 hours to go they have exceeded their goal of £60 000 raising a solid £80,955. It certainly looks like an interesting venture. So why not take the plunge….yuk, yuk.

Comic ConQuest – A Party-Based Tactical RPG

An enchanted comic convention with people gaining the powers of their cosplay? Welcome to Comic Conquest a game that seeks to bring the fun and nostalgia of a con with a tactical party-based RPG.
With the creative setting and promise it gives, it may immediately come to mind whether this studio is going to straight up use costumes from existing franchises or parody them with a “ha-ha you can’t sue me” look. The trailer seems to detail the latter but the designs still hold a lot of promise and quite a variety of classes you can choose from. These classes are Comic Book (Super Hero, Mutant or Vigilante), Sci-Fi (Commander, Space Marine or Bounty Hunter) and Fantasy (Warrior, Wizard or Rogue). Stretch goals include Horror and Anime Groups and Gear so I think this one certainly has potential to blast off.

The idea of being able to outdo your foes with knowledge of various franchises is also mentioned in the video and seems quite awesome. However, it is also a MASSIVE undertaking alongside already building a fully functional party-based RPG and it is yet to be seen how this will exactly play out. Nevertheless we applaud this studio for such an all-around fun concept.

This project looks hopeful, there is still 21 days to go on this one and they have raised $6 894 out of $20,000. All the best Sleepy Giant studio, we hope people show up.

Contagion – Co-op Zombie Survival Game

Everybody wants to be a zombie. Now with Contagion you can! All the fun of shooting zombies, making allies you probably cannot trust, getting infected and turning into a zombie. What could possibly go wrong?

These days there seems to be a lot of people trying to munch on in on that sweet, sweet slice of brain-flavoured zombie pie in games today. Day Z surprised us all with an open world survival horror that we didn’t even know we were missing out on. Contagion does not seem to be trying to make a quick cash grab (*cough* The War Z *cough*), no this game seeks to offer additional ideas to the genre. Based in Valve’s Source Engine this game offers a variety of game missions and including the ability to spring from the hoard as a player-controlled Zombie.

MonochromeLLC are on the cusp of having their project funded with $47 016 funded out of $50 000. This one looks a shoe in and it will be great to see how the new planned innovations in cooperative survival horror play out. After all, part of the fun is not knowing who to trust.

Taxi Journey

I love platformers. Although, there is something that separates a good platformer from those that have achieved legendary status in many of our hearts.

For platformers based around adventure and progression, I believe a lot of it comes down to how the world is conveyed in a manner that makes it feel like it is a fully contained universe rather than just a human built level you are traversing in on a 2D plane. This can be shown in how the characters interact when they are idle, conversing with each other, reacting to enemy attacks and how the world is stylistically built around them to acknowledge their existence and the existence of other creatures in that universe. We might have to come back to these points in another article.

All the same, this project has a lot of heart and some really interesting and quirky ideas. Finding innovative ways to look at level progression deserves quite a bit of kudos and the two main characters’ abilities that include being able capture objects from their reflection or take their sound, may make for some puzzle gameplay that makes you think. Instead of the same old pull the lever, match the colours, a game of memory or dodge fireballs to get through design.

This one unfortunately looks a bit unsure with 11 days to go and only $32 788 out of $130 000 pledged. Still, the dev. team seems eager to see what kind of adventure this could turn out being and so am I.