Is Wonder Woman headed to TV?

Wonder Woman Short Film

Eager to see Wonder Woman on the big screen? It seems that WB Entertainment CEO Kevin Tsujihara is too. Big time!

At a recent entertainment conference this week Tsujihara gave a talk about the current state of DC’s big hitters in film and television calling the companies failure to take advantage of their DC properties outside of the Batman and recent Man of Steel franchises a “missed opportunity,” and adding further that the studio apparently has major plans for a number of other DC characters both on the big screen and on TV, i.e the recent announcement that a young Barry Allen AKA The Flash will be joining the cast of Arrow on The CW and will eventually expand into a Flash TV series starring Grant Gustin (90210, Glee).

Tsujihara specifically spoke about Wonder Woman adding “We need to get Wonder Woman on the big screen or TV.”

But is TV really the right place for Wonder Woman? Or for that matter, the place for any of DC’s big names like Flash and Green Arrow? I can certainly see the logic but it all comes down to this; television and cinema are two very different beasts with very different ways of story telling. And if Warner Bros. wants to put a Justice League film into production as they keep saying, can we really bring characters over from television into DC’s cinematic universe?

Although with a recent casting call for Man of Steel 2 for a woman between the ages of 25 and 35 being described as “physically fit”, could we be getting an appearance from Diana of Themyscira in the highly anticipated Batman/Superman face-off? And if so does this mean we’ll be treated to a Trinity inspired storyline in Man of Steel 3? For the uninitiated, Trinity is set shortly before the Justice League was established by Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman who are known as the “Worlds Finest Trinity.”

Warner Bros. often cites the “difficult nature” of the source materials adaptability when questioned about their plans to make a Wonder Woman film, but for such a pivotel character I think being delegated to network television is not only a slap in the face to Wonder Woman as a character and her fans, but to Warner Bros. themselves. With their long talked about plans for a Justice League film, is it really in their best interest to sideline one of the founding members of the Justice League of America?

Having seen the recent short film made by Rainfall Films and directed by Sam Balcomb that has been making the rounds on YouTube lately we know it can be done, so that leaves us asking will we finally see Wonder Woman on the big screen? Or slapped lazily onto the small screen in her own CW series?

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