Review: Curse of Chucky

Curse of Chucky

Chucky’s back and it’s play time! But before I get into this review  let me make one thing about this movie perfectly clear, I don’t want to get all wanky and over intellectualize a movie that, I’ll be honest, is the intellectual equivalent of waving your penis at oncoming traffic from a freeway overpass whilst wearing  a dunces hat. If you’re looking for cranial, psychological horror, you won’t find it here. But what Curse of Chucky does deliver on is a cheesey, cliché ridden, blood bath of purely dumb fun!

Yes, all the typical horror tropes abound here. A dark and stormy night? Check! An innocent child and completely clueless adults? Check! Bucketloads of blood? Check! Cheap jump scares? Check, check and triple check! But when you’re home alone in the dark are you really looking for anything else?

Don’t let the made-for-DVD label  fool you, the latest installment in the killer doll franchise is, for lack of a better pun,  totally killer! Unlike the previous two entries in the series Bride of Chucky and Seed of Chucky which took the weirdly self aware horror comedy route this latest release takes the Child’s Play franchise back to its horror genre roots.

Curse of Chucky revolves around wheelchair bound Nica (Fiona Dourif, daughter of Chucky actor Brad Dourif) when one day a package is delivered to their home from a mystery sender. Inside they find a Good Guy doll, and from here we the audience just know shit’s going down in Nica’s very near future.  Later that evening Nica find’s her mother dead, with her family and the authorities believing that she committed suicide as she had suffered with long term depression.

Somebody come out and play

This of course brings Nica’s sister Barb along with her husband, daughter and suspiciously beautiful Nanny along with the always dispensable priest into the story. Before it even begins we can see from a mile away how this night of horror is going to play out, but like any Chucky movie, you’re guaranteed to be shocked and share Chucky’s delight in the way in which he takes each of these cookie-cutter characters out to pasture.

With all its problems and its unfortunate made for DVD  stigma, Curse of Chucky manages to be a sequel so spectacularly solid it’s arguably up there with the original Child’s Play, if not certainly good enough to discount the previous two entries altogether.

It may just be another low budget horror sequel, but there’s more than plenty to love here especially with not one, but TWO cameo appearances enough to make any horror fan boy damp in all the wrong (but oh so right) places.

Curse of Chucky is available on Blu-Ray and DVD or on iTunes for download now.

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