Fan-boy moment: Real World Iron Man Suit Being Developed By U.S. Military?

Iron Patriot

In news that’s sure to have fan boys the world over frothing at the mouth or (for anyone who knows how bat-shit crazy the United States is) trembling in fear, the U.S. military has announced development of what they are calling a Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit to provide the operator with superhuman abilities much the same as Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit.

The suit would give the wearer extremely enhanced strength, night vision capability and shielding from enemy gunfire and other such injury causing debris like shrapnel.

According to reports, the suit may use liquid armor currently being developed by MIT, which has the ability to turn from liquid to solid in milliseconds. This would make the wearer,”theoretically bulletproof.” Does anyone else find this both terrifying whilst still getting that very special kind of loin lust one can only get from news like this?

No word yet on whether or not the suits will come standard with a Paul Bettany voiced Artificial Intelligence system.

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