Picking up in Japan, why you suck at it.

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You suck, simple as that.

Now that I’ve shattered your self-confidence let me justify it. Chances are if you’re reading this blog, you’re a young male who has booked or is thinking of booking a flight to Japan in the near future. Chances are one of the reasons you are reading this is because redtube just isn’t doing it for you anymore, so you’re deciding to live the hentai dream. Your probably thinking because you’re a foreigner it’s going to be easy. Well I’m telling you right now it’s not, so if that is the reason your coming here then you might want to rethink the trip champ.

I bet your thinking I’m a douche and I know nothing about you or your ‘game’ and how awesome you think you are. OK let’s break this down.

    1. Do you speak Japanese? I’m talking almost fluent Japanese. If the answer to this is no then you’re going to find it pretty hard to hold a conversation for your dream guy or girl that you’re hoping will be infatuated with your foreigner charm. Sure you can have a chat, but what you can and will talk about will be quite limited. I don’t know about you, but from my understanding picking up on the basis of ‘what’s your favourite colour’ and ‘my hobby is watching anime’ isn’t very seductive.

    2. Japan is not an anime. Japan seen in Anime is not the real Japan. I can’t stress this enough people. Nami from One Piece or Sakura from Naruto are not just walking around waiting for you to find them. So many people come here with that image and are usually very disappointed when they realize Japan is just like the rest of the world, real and not animated. I’m sick of people who don’t speak Japanese coming here and saying shit like ‘kawaii’ and ‘genki’ in anime voices. Stop it! Stop it now! You are not Japanese and you never will be Japanese. Accept your own culture and see someone if you are having a race identity crisis. If you think you being the foreigner incarnation of personified anime is going to help you pick up then I’ve got a harsh truth for you friend.

    3. Are you an exchange student? If the answer to this is yes then your chances of finding a Japanese girlfriend or boyfriend has dramatically improved but your chances of picking up are still relatively the same. ‘What the fuck do you mean by that Naygom?’ Well let me explain. If you come to Japan to study your chances of meeting a boy or girl from Japan is obviously going to improve. But people don’t go to university to pick up. They go to meet people and form proper long lasting relationships. If you’re doing a one year exchange and really want to date a Japanese person then you have a 99% chance of success, but this is one person for a committed relationship. Not a one night stand or pick up. And if this is the reason you coming on exchange, I’ll just say this, reputations spread fast.

    4. Japanese people are not idiots. Be it a man or a woman, Japanese people are by no means stupid. They do want to talk to you, and most will want to become friends with you. When you see them in the bar thinking they are your potential pick up, guess what, they see you as their potential English lesson.  For the boys out there, when you go up to a Japanese girl or boy at a bar and start taking to them, they know exactly what you want, you know why? Another foreigner tried the same thing 5 minutes ago.

    5. ‘But Naygom I’m ripped!?’ If this is your thinking then stop reading my blog right now and piss off. End of discussion.

    6. ‘But I’ve heard Japanese boys and girls go crazy for foreigners.’ No, you haven’t heard this; you’ve just been watching too much porn.

The moral of my blog is, if you’re coming to Japan just to pick up. Piss off. However, if you’re a genuine person who is looking for a genuine relationship with a Japanese person, then study the language, make friends, get to know people and come to Japan to experience the culture. Make it a holiday or an exchange to remember for the good times. Not for all your failed attempt of whatever sick sexual fantasy you were hoping to achieve.

Keep it hot and hard,