Tim Burton Confirmed to Be in Talks for Beetlejuice 2?

Beetlejuice Banner

So it’s been reported for a few days now that this was rumoured but it looks like Beetlejuice is coming back from the dead after all with Tim Burton himself said to be coming back to direct, and coming from the self-proclaimed world’s biggest Burton fan, it kind of brings to mind that immortal quote from Clerks director Kevin Smith when the sequel was originally announced in 1990 as Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian, “didn’t we say all we needed to say with the first Beetlejuice? Must we go tropical?”


I’m inclined to agree, being the Burton fan that I am, I can’t buy this. It’s true; didn’t we say all we needed to say the first time around? The film is a classic and arguably one of Burton’s best, but I feel like all of his films, with the exception of Batman, each need to stand on their own.

It’s important to remember that nothing is official yet, this rumour seems to surface every few years, but it is hoped that Michael Keaton will reprise his role as Beetlejuice, the perverted and cartoonish bio-exorcist, although it isn’t known if he has been contacted thus far. It’s not even certain that Burton’s schedule will allow for the project as he is set to helm 20th Century Fox’s adaptation Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children, but Burton’s past comments on the film despite his desire to do it, make it seem unlikely that it will ever become a reality.

Burton’s next film, Big Eyes, a biopic about the life of artist Margaret Keane starring Christoph Waltz, Amy Adams, Jason Schwartzman, Danny Huston, reunites him with Ed Wood screenwriters Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski is expected to be released in cinemas in 2014.

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