Wild Blue Yonder Issue #3 Review

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If you’re looking for a fresh, and captivating new series, I must reiterate that this series is definitely one to pick up. With just a day until the release Volume 3 of Mike Raicht’s steam punk, sci-fi epic Wild Blue Yonder, I thought I should give you my spoiler free, quickie review. I’m loving it, you should be loving it too.

The first thing you remember when you delve back into Raicht’s dystopian world is just how brilliant Zach Howard’s artwork really is; it really adds to the story’s depth and scope and feels fresh with each chapter of the series. From the character design to the beautiful world, Howard once again hits it out of the park here and gives the reader an eyeful of wonder that just melts so perfectly into Raicht’s story.

Raicht’s story is brilliant and Cola is definitely his best creation, a character so interesting on so many levels – she’s beautiful, mischievous, and the writing (especially for her character) is deep, skilful and realistic in its approach to layered story-telling. Unlike most protagonists in most stories, we know they’re good, we know we’re supposed to like them, but when it comes to Cola you genuinely get a feel for her as a human being. I’m glad to be back here with her.

Fighter Pilot Cola

There’s a lot I could spoil here, but I won’t. What’s important is that this isn’t just steady story-telling, its story building. Unlike a lot of series with their ups and downs, this 3rd instalment shows that Wild Blue Yonder is yet to have a misstep; it’s only been on the up and up from issue 1# which seems like a great analogy for the story itself; poetic stuff.

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