Help me Evil Within; you’re my last hope for Mainstream Horror.

Evil Within the Banner

Resident Evil 4 was an amazing journey that took us, the player, on an adventure through time and space with a 900 hundred year old alien with two hearts…wait, sorry, that’s Doctor Who. But seriously it was an amazing game that revolutionized the horror genre. It not only came up with new ways to scare the shit out of us, combine action and horror seamlessly but it most importantly taught us that even if you’re a full grown gamer, you’re never too old to piss your pants. And I liked that God dammit!

Then we got Resident Evil 5. I remember going to the shops that day, bright eyed and waiting to pick up my collector’s edition. After lining up in the morning, I made a quick stop at the chemist to pick up some adult sized diapers and then I ran home and strapped myself in for the horror ride of my life. Oh how wrong I was. I remember staring at the screen thinking, why do my biceps have biceps, and when I looked behind me I swear Sheva just winked at me. I soon realised that Resident Evil 5 had fallen into the trap. The mainstream trap, instead of the horror that made Resident 4 so good we now had a game that was only action, muscles and sexualised pixels. Capcom, for shame. Not only did I finish your game in one night, I never even pissed myself once AND YOU CANT REFUND DIAPERS. I had to spend the next week shitting my pants just so I could say I didn’t waste my money. But at what cost Capcom, at what cost. And don’t say Resident Evil 6 made up for your mistakes because we all know you’re lying.



And suddenly, it seemed like it was all over. Mainstream horror has gone. It had faded into the mediocrity and unoriginality of so many generic games found on the store shelf or to only be found on Steam for those of the Glorious PC Master Race. Nothing seemed interesting anymore. For us, of the horror gaming community, we found ourselves clinging to indie developed games such Slender, Outlast and Amnesia just so we could get through another month to try and sustain our need to be shocked. These are amazing games, with amazing game mechanics, stories and most importantly they’re scary, however they are too short. We get glimpse of terrifying heaven and just as we really start to get into it (like my frenzied watching of man-muscle on man-muscle arm wrestling competitions) but they just finish too soon.

For those of you, who did not close the page because of sheer outrage and/or residual homophobic attitudes, thank you for not being a douchebag and having a brain larger than that of a grape. Now, back to the article!

On April 15th 2013 we were given our first real sign of hope in a long time, the live action trailer for the Evil Within. Let me just say when I saw this trailer those hot and sweaty arm wrestling vids went off, Endless YouTube went on and all systems were go! It scared me; that girl who is like Sadako from the ring fused with a spider really brought back the chills. You know what I’m talking about, the feeling you get when you see something and think, now THAT is scary.

Where's your co-op now?

Where’s your co-op now?

When I heard that Shinji Mikami was directing the project and promising a real return to survival horror I must have squealed like the fan boy I am in my chair for I don’t know how long. Since then everything about this game is looking better and better. The Evil Within has given me a reason to believe in mainstream horror. True, Tango Gameworks and Bethesda could just take a giant dump on my hopes and dreams for this game, but they’ve got me excited for the moment. So this is to you, Shinji Mikami, scare me. Scare the shit out of me. Do this, and I will trust the system again.

Help me, Evil Within; you’re my only hope.