Daredevil and Other Marvel Heroes Headed to Netflix

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We super geeks love nothing more than super news about our favourite super heroes, right? That’s why when the announcement came this morning that Walt Disney Pictures and Marvel Studios would partner up with US content streaming provider Netflix to produce not one, but four TV series, I may have been so excited that I inadvertently impregnated my jeans. (Side note, I do hope the resulting child isn’t just a pair of legs with denim for skin, I’m not prepared for such a big life challenge.)

These planned series, based on some of their popular characters such as Daredevil (who Marvel recently re-acquired the film rights for) Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and under-appreciated Avenger Luke Cage, will be stand-alone vehicles for each of the characters and each is under a 13-episode deal. The four series will then bring the characters together in their own series when the characters form “The Defenders”.

Daringly Chill

With ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. running on fumes in the quality department, Marvel Studios is no doubt looking to up the ante on their push to replicate the success of their Marvel Cinematic Universe on the small screen , and with the quality of Netflix’ own original series output such as Orange is the New Black and House of Cards, not to mention their well-received revival of Arrested Development, this new and relatively boundless mode of entertainment could be just the way to go about it without all the rules, constraints and inability to take risks that come with network and even cable television in the U.S market.

The characters themselves lend to brilliant story-telling opportunities you just couldn’t get on television, with the exception of the rather reasonable Arrow on The CW. Daredevil is one character in particular that I’m looking forward to seeing as, although he’s the only one of these four we’ve seen on screen before, he’s had a pretty sketchy past when we look back at a certain Ben Affleck film that shall not be named. Ever again.

The new Marvel TV series are aiming to air on Netflix starting in 2015 sometime after The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Which of the series are you most looking forward to? And which other Marvel characters would you like to see on the small screen?

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