Adam Driver Is Nightwing…Adam Driver Is NOT Nightwing…


Well my friends I’m back, sorry for my long absence but due to some minor ailments and major hypochondria flair up with a touch of paranoid neurosis I have been temporarily put on a self-imposed quarantine.  But when I saw news that Girls star Adam Driver was rumoured to have been cast as Nightwing (AKA my favourite of the Robins, Dick Grayson) in DC and Warner Bros upcoming Man of Steel sequel, I just had to venture outside of my plastic sterilization bubble and do some research to tell you all about it.

So first of all, Nightwing, will he or won’t he appear in the as-yet untitled sequel? No. Well, yes? No one actually knows.

Classic Nightwing

It turns out that the casting rumour was absolutely just rumour, and a “flattering” one at that, according to Driver.

The rumour mill tends to go into overdrive when it comes to anticipated films such as this, it’s certainly been churning out more rumours than we can count. One thing we do know is that we don’t really know anything yet.

The best we can provide you when it comes to certainties right now are that there will be two major characters appearing in the film; those characters are Batman and Superman.

One thing’s for sure, this nerd would love to see Batman’s former sidekick make an appearance.

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