Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. Marry me.

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So, let’s get this out of the way first: I live in Japan, so I have had DK a little over a week earlier than most people I know…so…I think we can all safely assume that I can be Charlie, and you can all be my Angels…except Stubby. Stubby can be Bosley.

I have been a DK fan as long as I can remember being a gamer. When I was a wee little lad and all the kids were running off with a hairy Italian man I was like ‘No way, not for me, I want me some MONKEY ACTION BABY!’ My original favourite of the series up until about a week ago was Diddy Kong’s Quest. I even went out two weeks ago, to buy a SNES (or as they call here, Super Famicom) just so I could play that game. But as I just mentioned, the title has been usurped! DKC 2 can still have me anywhere and anytime, but Tropical Freeze has stolen my heart. For me this game justified my purchase of the Wii U. It came smashing into my life with a throbbing, hairy monkey fist of fury. Let me break down the three Key points:

  • The gameplay. Remember how DK Country Returns on the Wii was amazing yet so fucking difficult? Well Tropical Freeze has ramped it up another notch baby! The levels progressively become some of the most challenging and rewarding victories that I have experienced in a long time. The bosses also can be frustrating as hell, but when you win, you crack a beer open afterwards and taste the sweet victory.
  • The Art. This game is freaking gorgeous. Every world comes to life in its own unique and breath taking style. I was never bored once with level design or art in this game.
  • The Music. This game had some of those moments where I would just stop and listen to the music. Be it a new track, or (and this was great), redone tracks from one of the original games, nothing was short of amazing. I won’t say much but there are some tunes in the last world, when you are fighting to reclaim the island, when all I could think was: ‘YOU THINK YOU CAN STOP ME VIKINGS!??!? I AM MOTHER FUCKING DONKEY KONG! I’M TAKING MY FUCKING HOME BACK!’
  • It has CRANKY KONG! ‘Nuf said.
  • The Secrets. So I finished the main story last week and am now working my way through the secrets to unlock the final bonus, and every second has been FUCKING AWESOME!
You can't invade Kong Country and not expect causalities

You can’t invade Kong Country and not expect causalities

This game is a triumph. It is nothing short of what the gaming industry needs and is a testament to an amazing franchise. The only thing needed now? Bring back King K. Rool and the Kremlings for the trilogy! I got a hankering for some Kremlingin’!

Don’t rage quit if you suck.