Doctor Who Extreme Crossovers!

Doctor Who

Howdy fellow Whovians! Well, if I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times, if there’s one thing Whovians like its Theories and LONG HOT FAN FICTION! The latest craze for us crazy obsessed bunch has been Doctor Who x Star Trek x Star Wars or Sherlock.

Now, I’ve been thinking to myself, sure these are interesting ideas and yes, they would be fun but let’s face it team, now that we’ve got Mr Capaldi as your new demi-god to worship, we need some more hardcore crossovers appropriate for a hardcore-no-fucking-around Time Lord!


Now there’s a Time Lord that’ll put you at ease!

With this in mind, let me introduce you to ‘Naygom’s Extreme Doctor Who Crossover List’ or as I like to call it, my Erotic Vault.

1. Doctor Who x Aliens

Can you imagine how utterly terrifying and how awesome it would be to have The Doctor face off against the Xenomorphs on their home planet, or better yet, the Xenomorphs invade Gallifrey! Imagine, a face hugger jumps on a timelord, what do you get…regenerating Xenomorphs! What would The Doctor, especially Capaldi’s Doctor do in this situation do you think? He can’t reason with them, he can’t persuade them to leave, would the mention of the word Doctor make an army of Xenomorphs run away in fear? I think I may have inadvertently created the apocalypse with this theory.

2. Doctor Who x Predator

OK, I’ll admit this crossover feeds largely off the alien one but still, this would be awesome. Having the Doctor being hunted as the ultimate trophy by a Predator, now that would be something. What could the Doctor do to stop a Predator with nothing but the Sonic Screwdriver in his hands? Do you think he would be able to reason with it, convince it to stop hunting? Or do you think it would end up in a free-for-all orgy like I do. Tissues on stand-by.

3. Doctor Who x Metroid

Doctor Who teaming up with Samus Aran to take on Metroids. Need I say more?

4. Doctor Who x Mass Effect

Let me set the scene. Commander Shepard is on the Citadel about to choose his favourite colour that will be the highlight of the shitty ending to Mass Effect 3 when suddenly, we hear the glorious sound of the TARDIS and it slowly comes into focus behind Shepard. Capaldi opens the door and puts his hand out to Shepard, “Come with me” The Doctor says “We can make a better ending together”. In one fell swoop I have not only thought up an amazing way to fix the Mass Effect 3 ending, but also create one of the best stories of all time. THE DOCTOR VS. THE REAPERS!  For this one, we would need to make it into a huge series devoted entirely to the awesomeness of this idea. I personally think it would be great if this was a series where the Doctor would need to get his other selves to come and help due to the power of The Reapers. Imagine the Doctor walking away as a Reaper comes crashing down behind him exploding. NOW THAT’S WHAT I CALL ENTERTAINMENT!

Explosions and sunglasses not pictured.

Explosions and sunglasses not pictured.

Of course, all of my ideas would involve making Doctor Who a much more adult themed show with a higher rating, but I see no reason why we couldn’t have this as well as the normal episodes. I would love to know what you all think; also what other awesome crossovers would you like to see? Let me know!