Meanwhile in Japan… Shirtless in Nagoya

Where's Naygom?


Hello hello! Welcome to the meanwhile in Japan series. I’m Naygom and I’ll be doing this series over the next 10 months. I’ll be bringing you updates involving everything in Japan from gaming to drinking to all the amazing gay bar adventures I can find!
So I am living in a city called Nagoya, it’s the fourth biggest in Japan. It’s not as happening crazy here compared to Tokyo but man is it fun. I live in an apartment and pay roughly 600AU a month. I’m an exchange student.

Now that you got the basics, let’s get into some experiences.

1. At this time of year Japan is FUCKING HOT! No joke I’ve been sweating through sweat it’s so humid here, and air cons are pretty much running 24/7. But let me tell you, nothing beats walking into the 7/11 buying a beer for 2$ and drinking it while walking down the street and it’s the normal thing to do.

2. BUGS! I swear to god these things must be on growth hormones, within the first hour of arriving in Nagoya I encountered what can only be described as a hornet the size of my fist that clearly knew it was a badass bug. I would have tried to kill it but I thought that would only make it angry. I decided to take the long way around, good thing I did as well, I later found out that these hornets shoot an acid that blinds you and attracts more to swarm you. Seriously. What.the.fuck.Japan.

3. Arm wrestling. For those of you who don’t know, I’m hard-core into arm wrestling as a sport(yes it’s a sport) I’m a member of the Sydney arm wrestling team. Before leaving for Japan I discovered a team that is, no joke, a 5 min walk away from my apartment. We train every week on Sundays. Now, my Japanese is ok but, these guys have somehow come to the assumption that I am 100% fluent. Twice now it’s been the case that I have just smiled and nodded then nearly had my arm torn off….it’s mad.

4. Drinking in Japan, OK so I know I’m a student but I went out on a bit of a…..lets call it a little…no no let’s call it an epic bender. You know the movie the hangover? Imagine that in Japan. We went to a club. To cut the adventure short I took in excess of 25 shots in multiple drinks. You know that thing called the RSA ? Not anymore you don’t. I was blind, I remember getting a taxi somewhere, throwing up outside a convenient store( I don’t know where the taxi went), then after realising I had no idea where I was with no way of getting home, instead of panicking I would simply take off my shirt and walk because it was to hot. Eventually I got another taxi and was like down the road and had walked off in the wrong direction.

The next morning was a blur and the only way to piece it together was through the pictures of last night. Apparently I arm wrestled multiple people and had extra drinks bought for me that I didn’t know about. And after this I can say I have honestly learned my lesson…..go harder next week.

Hopefully next week I’ll have some pictures up for you guys, but if anyone wants any info on Japan or arm wrestling or living in Japan, don’t be afraid to contact me!

Keep it hot and hard;)