Project M reveals All-Star Versus Mode and more!

Project M has revealed further planned updates to the popular Smash Brothers Mod. This includes the new mode ‘All-Star Versus,’ which allows for a character switch between lives/stock.

On top of this, a bunch of new skins have also been revealed: Light Suit Samus, a Marth costume based on Sigurd’s outfit (Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War), Classic Pit, Ocarina of Time Ganondorf and Martial Arts Gi Lucario (complete with ‘Focus Band‘ and ‘Expert Belt‘).
samus marthrenderpitganonlucario While there is no release date, more alternate costumes beyond these five are also said to be on the way for the next release of Project M (among other tweaks and adjustments).

  • Psy_Boga

    Nice! I especially love the OoT Gannondorf and Light Suite Samus.

    It’s funny how these awesome modders are outdoing Nintendo at their own game.