My Top 5 Games EVER!

I’m not sure what compelled me to write this but I’ve been thinking about my top 5 games of all time, (or at least my current list) and thought I should list them out and discuss why they are my top 5. I should note these are my personal choices, if you think one of my top 5 is the worst game ever in your opinion then that is your choice, but these are mine. I’ll try not to be too long winded but let’s be honest, I may rant a bit and you will just have to bear with it if you want to read my reasoning.

So on to the list!

No.5 – Mass Effect 3

I love the Mass Effect Series as a whole and if this was a list about my favourite Series, it would actually be around 3 but only picking individual games Mass Effect 3 comes at number 5. That’s because I feel it was the best of the whole series.

Damn right I’ll take it back...after these 3 side-quests

Damn right I’ll take it back…after these 3 side-quests

The first ME was a great game, however being the first it certainly had its issues. While the story and Universe was beautifully crafted and is what really drew me into the series, its controls were very clunky and certainly in need of fine-tuning (yes, we all know about the dreaded Mako). Also the fact that it was an RPG didn’t help, as I am not the biggest fan of the really intense RPG type games, though this is one of the few I was happy to work through. ME 2 fixed a lot of these issues making the combat system much more finetuned and fun to play, though a lot of the RPG elements were stripped and toned down making it a much more action third-person shooter game.

ME 3 I feel found a decent middle ground. The combat was even better and so tight every battle I had was an immense joy. The RPG elements were still nowhere near what I like to call full RPG status (such as Skyrim or Dragon Age: Origins) but it certainly tried to bring back a bit more of an RPG feel and I certainly enjoyed it. Not only that but it was the conclusion to the epic storyline, one of which I feel is one of the best game storylines in any game ever. I can honestly say helping the Geth and Quarians unite was a particular bright point for me, but that may have been because Tali was my love interest. I had 5 save files from ME 2 and played through them all to see all my choices, which shows how much I adored this game.

Of course I feel I have to mention the ending of the game and honestly, I never had an issue with the ending at all. My only real jape was I wanted to know why the Normandy was suddenly in a jump but it never bothered me that much. I can understand why people were upset, but crafting an ending to take place as a result of ALL choices throughout ALL 3 games? That would have been such a difficult task! Not only that, but just imagine HOW many endings they would have had to create based off the choices alone. Personally I think BioWare did a damn good job crafting the endings they did. And for those reasons Mass Effect 3 comes in at number 5.

No.4 – Starcraft 2

For the sake of this discussion I should point out I don’t view Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm as separate Starcraft 2 games, but rather the second is simply an expansion and part of the one game. But I digress.

It’s just a little Zerg Rush...a never-ending Zerg Rush....

It’s just a little Zerg Rush…a never-ending Zerg Rush….

The original Starcraft is one of few RTS games I ever really play. I will probably get crucified for this but a lot of RTS games feel like all factions are the same to me, like no matter what team you are on you are simply making similar units just with different skins and possibly slightly different abilities. Even if this is probably untrue, Starcraft was so different in all its units. Each race so lovingly crafted to be different with each of their own unique abilities and strengths, I was instantly drawn to its sci-fi world and story. Indeed I wasted hours upon hours playing the campaign and battling against AI (I wasn’t a huge battler online).

Starcraft 2 took so long to be made I can honestly say that when I finally saw the initial reveal trailer I yelled in excitement at the screen. Starcraft 2 took everything from the original and just built upon it. Old units felt fresh with a new look and updated abilities and all new units simply added to the enjoyment and fresh feel. The expansions and only one race per campaign instead of the usual 3 chapters, while surprising didn’t feel weird to me at all. Actually it just left me more excited for the future expansions. Once again I have certainly put hours replaying this campaign and battling AI and I am waiting for the 3rd one with bated breath.

No.3 – Portal 2

You are my closest friend that I will drop into toxic water for fun

You are my closest friend that I will drop into toxic water for fun

Portal was an enigma to me, essentially completely unknown until a close friend of mine directed me to it. In fact my first attempt playing the game left me rather frustrated as I struggled to finish a certain puzzle and quit. That’s right; I actually hated Portal the first time. Later though I went back and attempted it again. Not only that, I took more notice of GLaDOS and her taunting of the player, and by its end I was in love with the game.

Portal 2 was a huge announcement and I literally took the day off Tafe so I could play it (rebel I know). Portal 2 was just more than I could ever hope for. All the challenging puzzles were back, and introductions such as the Gels brought a whole new level to puzzle solving and while I certainly raged at certain points, I can safely say for the most part I enjoyed every minute of it. The story this time round was much more fleshed out. I loved Wheatley as did everyone and found myself laughing at almost every single moment. The game just seemed so perfect and the co-op campaign my god! Never has there been a more fun mode solving puzzles with your friend. It’s one of the few games my friend would purposefully kill me and I wouldn’t get mad, the game just made me happy and it was so much fun solving these joint challenges.

I am praying for a Portal 3, and though Half-Life 3 may be an indication of when I can expect Portal 3, I am always more than happy to revisit this amazing game and experience it time and time again.

No.2 – Halo 3

That’s right. Halo 3 hits number 2 on my all time favourite game list. The Halo Series is still one of my all time favourite game series ever. I fell in love with it with Halo CE and have never stopped loving it since. It has had its low points (Halo Wars) but even then my love for these games could never be broken and Halo 3 I feel is the best in the series.

Come on guys, save some for me! I wanna use my swooord

Come on guys, save some for me! I wanna use my swooord

Don’t get me wrong; Halo 3 is not the best game if I really broke it down and analysed it. However it is still my favourite, even above the more recent and almost perfect Halo 4. A big part for me is the story. It was the epic conclusion to the first Halo and Master Chief storyline. Yes, Master Chief is still kicking and his story is being continued in the new games, but Halo 3 was the conclusion to his epic conflict with the evil Covenant and the Flood. You had been fighting these guys for 3 long games and finally ending their threat after all that time was so satisfying and Halo certainly gave us some tear-jerking and heart-string tugging moments along the way. This was it, the final fight to decide the fate of the Universe.

Gameplay wise it was also just perfect for me. Yes it has been more fine-tuned in future games, but for me this game was very well tuned to combat. It also had some of the best multiplayer I had ever played. Halo 4 is probably better if I’m honest but I still never dedicated anywhere near as much time to it as I did in Halo 3. I never got anywhere near close to max rank but that never stopped me from playing (and I can’t deny raging) my way through hundreds of hours of matches for my enjoyment. It’s also one of the few games I actively tried to perfect in achievements (never got close to that either but I get points for trying right?).

With the upcoming Master Chief Collection, while I’m excited to have all 4 Chief games under my wing, along with the two Anniversary games I will be honest, Halo 3 is the main reason I am excited for the collection and being able to play this amazing game again. It has held 2nd place since its release back in 2007 and I predict it will hold its place for years to come.


I put the title in caps to try and get across how much I love this game. Did it work? No? Doesn’t matter. Ocarina of Time has been my all time favourite game since…well I honestly can’t remember when I finally finished it and made the decision however it has been many years indeed.

I’m just mocking you by mimicking your swing

I’m just mocking you by mimicking your swing

There are a few things I feel the need to point out. I don’t think OoT is perfect, I am more than willing to admit it has its flaws. I also couldn’t care less if you don’t agree and whichever Zelda game you love you have your reasons and that’s fine. I also don’t care if you want to bash me for loving the game as so many people tend to do to those who love OoT. Yes I know a lot of people love the game. But I have my reasons and I don’t care who genuinely loves the game and who simply jumps on the bandwagon, I love this game and forever will.

Firstly it’s the story. You can have your opinions but I think OoT has one of the best stories in any Zelda game. It’s epic and never before or since have I ever let myself become so immersed into a game world. I almost felt emotionally invested and that’s rare for me in any game. Not only that but I loved the gameplay. Yes, Z-Targeting was by no means perfect and the combat wasn’t the most finetuned but I loved it no matter what. I also feel like the puzzles were some of the most challenging in any Zelda game, and it’s one of the few games I could complete almost totally by memory. I have lost count of the amounts of times I have played this game over and over again and that counts with the 3DS version that I too absolutely adore.

I won’t deny part of this love does come from nostalgia. I had previously played and greatly enjoyed Link to the Past but it was OoT that really cemented my love for the Zelda series and kept it ever since. But I don’t think loving it for those reasons is bad. Yes, if I really analyse it, it isn’t perfect but there isn’t really any game that is. But this game is everything I could ever love and I will play it over and over again for years to come.

So you may not agree with my list at all but that’s ok. Everyone has their own tastes and favourite games, these are just the ones not only that I love and constantly return to, but I feel like in a way have actually affected me as a gamer and steered my direction. This list will most likely change in the years to come, maybe dramatically or only slightly but for now; these are the games that I will never stop loving. Peace out.

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  • Psy_Boga

    Loved this article, always great to hear about people’s fav games and why. Im more of a fan of Mass Effect 2 than 3 but hey each to their own!