Why a hangover is like regeneration for a Doctor Who fan.


Let me set the scene.

Your well and truly into your third white wine spritzer for the evening and its only been three hours, so you decide it’s time to call it a night because you’ve got that important meeting first thing in the morning.  All too familiar scene yes? Hell no.  You hit the bottle, and when you hit the bottle, I’m talking hard, like trying to finish Binding of Isaac without hands hard. You slam whatever your poison is in stupid amounts disregarding the truth of the oncoming storm that awaits you tomorrow morning (no pun intended Whovians). You continue to dance your way through the night with a banana in your hands and your hands up in the air doing the drunken giraffe until it all goes black.

The next morning you wake in a daze, you don’t know where you are, where you’ve been and sometimes who you are. You stand up feeling like every single cell in your body has been bashed and you definitely don’t like the colour of your kidneys. As you slowly manage to move, one step after another you check your phone, Facebook or email, whatever the kids are doing these days and  sometimes look back in horror, sometimes in joy, but one thing that is certain. You’re not that person anymore. You my avid reader are suffering from what I call, The Drunken Regen.



Let’s break this down into a few more specifics with some examples from Doctor Who as to why I came to this stupid and bizarre conclusion.

  1. When you wake up with the hangover from hell and suddenly friends, brother, sister, parents, work or significant other suddenly tells you to get up and go because you have plans for that day! For me the best example of this is if I have a work. I get out of bed and can’t help but think of Matt Smith saying “No, no, no this is too soon, I’m not done yet”. You need that precious sleep for your body to rebuild the cells and make you that new strong timelord!
  2. Following from point one, sometimes you are unreachable  and this just happens to be when everyone needs you, but you’re out for the hangover count my friend.
  3. Excess Regeneration energy coming out of your mouth and or other places. In my case its vomit… a lot of vomit.
  4. Every food you taste is wrong. Suddenly you need to eat the most bizarre of foods and you don’t care where it comes from. Just like fingers and custard you’re going to start eating some weird shit.  For me, after my last hangover (I mean regeneration) its coffee that’s made out of cat poop. Seriously, it’s a real thing, check it out. It’s like $200 a bag.
  5. Sometimes all you need is a good cup tea. Just as 10 put it, generally fixes most stuff.

So that’s it gang, short and sweet but just something that came into my head during my morning poop. Comment below if you have any other ideas on this or if you think I’m totally wrong.


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