Hyrule Warriors Agitha & Lana trailers and more!

Well if you wanted some unique fighters to play as in this game, you certainly have your wish! Agitha makes her return from Twilight Princess as a playable character. This time she seems to sport proof that she is indeed the princess of the insect kingdom.

While Lana the White Sorceress (from the trailer below) is proof that there will be at least one completely new character unique to this game it is still unknown whether the their will be more unique characters or if the game will mainly rely on previous Zelda titles to build the typically large Dynasty Warriors roster.

I’m getting a strong Vocaloid vibe here. Is it just me or does Lana remind you of Hatsune Miku? Going on pure speculation here, but it would be most hilarious if she started singing and dancing after completing a stage.

The way that each character is presented in these recent trailers is worth noting. Each mentions a specific weapon/item they are using. While extent of the full of these weapon’s functions has not been shown it seems that they can be found in chests over the course of the game. Particular weapons may allow for a different set of attacks giving some variety within a character’s playstyle which is particularly evident of Link’s use of the Magic Rod in this trailer. More trailers for Midna, Zelda, Impa and Link have also been recently shown and are definitely worth checking out.

Hyrule Warriors is set for release soon this year on September 19th for Europe, the 20th for Australia, 26th for the US and earlier in Japan on the 14th of August.