Meanwhile in Japan…Naygom Town, Population You

Where's Naygom?

kindawesome Team:

Some of Naygom’s best updates FROM THE BEGINING!

With related or completely unrelated pictures!

That’s right, we’re fish cowboys and we’re cool with it.

  • First update, made an awesome friend on the plane, haven’t slept since 8 yesterday morning. Forgot my laptop charger so found a japanese supa store and bought a new one, had some girl hand me tissues with what I’m pretty sure was porn on it. Saw a wasp the size of my fist. AND IT IS SO HUMID!

The equivalent to a 20 acre block in Japan.

This is also my room.

  • Went for a run, found an awesome park to work out in, then realised I forgot which way I ran. Spent another hour running around Nagoya sweating my arse off. Nice day though. (=

Teachin’ these lot about meat

  • I’m mad excited about being in japan, but…JESUS CHRIST DR WHO IS BACK TOMMOROW!

Through the Drinking Glass

  • All you can eat and drink (alc) for 35 bucks…yes please.

A BBQ and Brazilian all-in-one!

  • I’m sweating through sweat.

What you got?? Come on! Come o-HOLY SHIIIIIIIII

  • Just trained with the Japanese Arm Wrestling Team…they’re like us, on crack.

I’ll let you win this time…owwwwwwww

  • 6am and dawn finally home…time for some quality pillow time.

Who took this picture?

  • Bought a rug and a cabinet and just rearranged my apartment, feeling more like home! (=

I’m taking a picture of you reading this right now,
Using the sheer POWER of Japanese engineering!

  • Listening to Daryl Braithwaites’ ‘Horses’ while studying for tommorow’s kanji test…this is happening.

I prefer the dip in your ear…Mmmmmmmm

  • Should be studying.



  • Just did my first volunteer shift at the orphanage. One of the best experiences of my life. (=

Too Cool for these Sunglasses….inside a dark photobooth

  • Just dropped my key in a drain, then used a stick and tape to get it out of the drain…WHAT YOU GOT JAPANESE DRAINS, YOU GOT NOTIN’!

Where’s my other hand?


This Traditional Western Ear Licking.

  • Natto is the best food. (=

Just gonna sit at the end of the table bein’ Awesome


This is Naygom Signing off…TO THE GAYBAR, GAYBAR, GAYBAR! WOOOOO!