Big Jim Reviews: Ghost Rider – Spirit of Vengance.

Ghost Rider

In the days when going to the movies can cost $30 a pop, we are waiting for the DVD to turn up at the video store. But what movies should you see first, last or never? In these reviews I hope to give you a bit of a guide.

Unlike other reviews that give you star ratings, I’ll be giving you the Big Jim real world ratings. They are as follows from best to worst-

  • Go and Buy it!
  • Must See!
  • Watchable…
  • Shit.
  • Waste of Your Life >:O

I hope my reviews are helpful. Please note that it’s only my opinion.

Happy viewing,

Big Jim


(Side Note)

No matter what you think of my reviews there is a reviewer at a local prominent newspaper who shall remain nameless. How this guy got his job I’ll never know. Maybe he’s getting a kick back from some desperate cinema owner. Anyway he keeps costing me money giving shit movies top marks. My advice is do the opposite of what he says. Here is a couple of his review summed up with my rating system.

“The Descendants” was Shit but he said it was a Must See.

“Ted” he said was Shit but it was definitely a Must See.

“The Dark Knight Rises” he said was Shit when it was a Must See.

This guy is basically a snob who clearly loves the smell of his own farts. So if you take nothing else away from my reviews, just remember that you should never see or not see a movie based on his reviews.


Warning– I will be drawing attention to Nicolas Cage’s acting so if you like his films and haven’t given much observation to his acting you might want to skip this review. Also, I pretty much tell the story which reviewers are not meant to do, so if you are going to see this one, be warned.

“Ghost Rider – Spirit of Vengeance” sees Nicolas Cage returning as Johnny Blaze – a daredevil motorbike rider who made a deal with the devil to save his dying father from cancer. However, his father dies in a motorbike stunt (devil assisted). The deal saw Johnny Blaze eventually enslaved with the curse of “The Rider” and forced to do the devil’s bidding.

Nicolas Cage is one of Hollywood’s best over-actors, and for this movie his supporting cast are perfect in the sense that they are just as bad as NC himself. If you are looking for a movie that sucks you in, and skilled actors that have become their characters, you’re shit out of luck here.

The story is not that in-depth. Summed up – 8 years after Johnny Blaze made the deal with the devil, he is running from all forms civilization because of the Rider, (that’s the demon that possesses Johnny Blaze) who, when unleashed, does not discriminate between say a compulsive masturbator or a serial killer. Basically, if you do things that are not so good the rider will eat your soul.

So, one day a French priest called Moreau goes to Johnny and asks him to find a special boy. This boy must be hidden somewhere the devil can’t get to him. In return for finding this kid and delivering him to safety, Johnny’s curse will be lifted. Johnny ultimately hooks up with the boy in question – Danny, a boy with serious daddy issues, and his mum Nadya. Johnny the Rider eventually rescues Danny and Nadya from Nadya’s ex, Ray Corrigan, who the devil has employed to find Danny. The Rider kills Ray while rescuing Danny and Nadya but the devil arrives just in time to bring him back with the power of decay i.e. anything he touches decays. (Unfortunately we don’t get to see him take a piss.)

We later find out that the devil made a deal with Nadya, saving her life in return for her bearing his child. This makes Danny the son of the devil, and the devil ultimately wants to transfer himself into Danny. This is because Danny’s body will not disintegrate like all the other bodies the devil inhabits, as he is his son. Like all of the stories involving the devil and rituals they can only be performed in a certain time frame which creates the ticking clock suspense affect.

So they get to the location of the religious order that Moreau is from who said they would protect Danny BUT!

Guess what they do?

Go on guess what they do?

That’s right they decide to kill him on account of him being the anti-Christ. Luckily he is saved by Ray who takes him to the devil. So then everyone has to band together to rescue Danny and stop hell on earth. This is pretty much the story. We have a final battle and we get the usual ending. All the good guys live and the bad guys get what’s coming to them. Same old same old.


This movie rates  Shit.

However if you just want to see “The Rider” kickin’ arse, it becomes watchable
as the one good thing about this movie is the action scenes.

So in closing:-

Cast  A lot of cringe worthy overacting to be had.

Story and flow of the movie Mostly slow and un-riveting.

Action scenes A saving grace in a cauldron of shit.