Kickstart My Hearts: Crowdfunding Report


One Hundred Million Dollars, kinda sounds like something Dr. Evil would say. Never-the-less, Kickstarter announced earlier this month that total funding to its games section has exceeded just that ($107.6 million to be precise though probably more by now). While this includes board and table top games as well; video games are a huge part of this.

‘Sides board/table-top games are cool too, don’t you be dissin’ my boots of escapin’!

Those who love their video games (as we at kindawesome also do) have really stood up and said ‘hell yeah’ to crowd funding! Really it is not that surprising as this has given the masses a powerful voice. A voice that says we want new, exciting, innovative and downright crazy games. We are personally glad that the video games industry has found the means to keep expanding and being innovative, despite publisher’s current obsession with Call-of-Dutys and franchises (check the bottommost video for proof).

So what of the current games that are asking to be funded? Well time for you to find out!

I think you’re ready…but let’s start with some already successful stories, (keep in mind that dollar figures may or may not be $US).


Torment: Tides of Numenera

Like Planescape: Torment (1999)? Well this is the spiritual successor of that game! A new RPG crafted in the ‘Torment tradition’ with an expansive world Numenera ‘covered in the ruins of great empires.’ You play as the person who was somewhat possessed by an ancient being who jumps from body to body to stay immortal. You should have died but you didn’t…and now you’re pissed. The game will be about the choices you make as you discover yourself and the world around you.

“This is the game we want to make. A game of passion depth and emotion. A game that lets you decide the answer to the question, what does one life matter?…”

With 5 days to go Inxile Entertainment is well over their goal of $900 000 at a whopping $3 224 902. We’re sure you’re aware that can buy a lot of golden-shark tanks. Though they are still going hoping to hit the stretch goal of $3.5 million to bring on the lead designer for Planescape: Torment, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2, Chris Avellone. With his help and the additional funding they will increase gameplay by 250%.  Thatsa-Spicy-Meatball!


XING: The Land Beyond

“”Experience the wonder and unlock the mystery of XING: The Land Beyond, a first-person puzzle adventure game for the PC””

Really what more can be said? Oh I dunno, maybe that it’s FUCKING GORGEOUS! Seriously this game looks soooooooo beautiful. Hell I know if I was gonna do a puzzle I’d want it to look this good. This prettiness will surely offset any standard puzzle-pain that results in ripping out hairs individually, grinding teeth or probable property damage.

Only around 27 hours to go but this beautiful, vivid-looking game is already at $22 810 above its $15 000 goal. It has stretch goals at $23 000, $25 000, $30 000 and $35 000. It currently looks like it will only reach the $23 000 but who knows what will happen in the last stretch.



Shovel Knight

This game bleeds pixel love. Homage to Mega Man, Castlevania or even recent games like Dark Souls, Shovel Knight has you playing as…Shovel Knight. A valiant warrior who wields the legendary ShovelBlade, living by way of ‘Shovelry: Slash Mercilessly and Dig Tirelessly!’ It’s rather handy that the enemies will also be killed with the very implement that will bury them. Damn, that’s straight up efficient.

At $77 349 they have already reached their goal of $75 000 for this 8 bit epic. And that’s with still 13 days to go! Their first stretch goal is at $80 000 and I dare say they’ll reach it. Though there’s really no telling whether they’ll go all the way to their $200 000 goal which means 4 player battle-mode implementation. I wish them peace, love and HONOUR!

“Prepare to taste Justice,


Need I say more?


And now we do onto the games that haven’t reached their goal yet.
But come on, they look pretty cool right?


Guns of Icarus Online—Adventure Mode

Holy $@%#!?! A online, team-based, steam & dieselpunk, gunship game? Yes please!

From the makers of Guns of Icarus Online (Skirmish Mode 2012) they’re back after successfully delivering their promised game of last year to expand on the universe with an adventure mode. This will include a world filled with towns, missions, factions, its own economical & political climate, and more.

“Crew or captain your own ship and experience airship combat taken to new levels”

Okay, right now their goal is $100 000 with $40 171 already pledged. But stay with me…stay with me, they still have 51 days to go. Seeing as Muse Games has already delivered twice on two different Kickstarter Projects, we think we can call this one as being successful. We’re also hopeful for their stretch goals as well. Godsteamspeed gentlemen!

PS: Airships are fuckin’ cool!


 The Big Blue, an underwater adventure game

“The next generation, underwater, action/adventure game by the original Ecco the Dolphin team.”

So yeah, what he said. This game has a bunch of experienced industry names to it like Ed Annunziata and Laszlo Szenttornyai who worked on the original Ecco the Dolphin games. While this is not the next Ecco the Dolphin game in and of itself, it is very much a spiritual successor that looks to build on the innovations that the franchise started.

Unfortunately they may not reach their goal with 29 days to go and $43 070 out of $665 000 pledged, the sea be looking stormy. This is a shame, as it looks like a really innovative concept & setting with a diverse amount of options to play the game. It will be able to be run on Mac, Windows, Linux, and iOS and Android platforms. Hell, they got some guys who worked on Sonic CD so they have FiRE MUNki’s vote.



A post-apocalyptic, gladiatorial fighter with evolved humanoid animals, including gorilla and shark-men.

FUCK YEAH! This is the one to finish on.

While this game was first going to be exclusively on iOS platforms, make no mistake, they have now announced that it will now be developed for the PC. While the art and concept for the game are very impressive, unfortunately not much has been done to show working demos of the game itself.

“Mongrel is set in the remnants of humanity, in a world dominated by a new age of life.  Animals have evolved into humanoid hybrids and their civilization is dictated by a rigid caste system. A mongrel is a lesser hybrid; a slave, and their only chance for freedom is to survive the perils of arena blood-sport.”

With 26 days to go and $2 732 pledged out of $30 000, this game could go either way. FIRE MUNki really wants this project to go ahead and we really hope they will continue to push on. We wish them the best of luck and hope they will reach their goal.

Seriously, this game makes our balls moist.



Oh and By Teh Way, Kickstarter really loves teh vidja galms. Jokes aside, this is pretty cool montage that has some interesting video games industry perspectives!

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